At Heagy we are not only committed to our honest food we sell, but we can help provide cutting and wrapping services for your private label or co-pack needs.

Precision Cut & Wrap

The development of RM Heagy Foods cheese products have been over 60 years in the making.  In this time, RM Heagy Foods has cultivated a vast network of local artisans, PA Preferred and import cheese experts who seek out new and unique products, as well as monitoring the quality and the market price of existing brands.

RM Heagy has sought out the finest cheese from locally, domestically and around the world including France, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy, and Greece.  From these regions we offer a wide variety of specialty cheeses such as, Fresh, Soft Ripen, Washed Rind, Blue Cheese, Goat Cheese, Semi Soft, and Hard Cheeses.

RM Heagy’s cut and wrap programs offer significant advantages for customers including a reduction of in-store labor while still preserving the look and feel of store wrapped product. The RM Heagy’s cheese rooms are food grade production facilities which offer a range of packaging options including vacuum packed and pre-priced labeling. There is a significant shelf life advantage for cut product through the RM Heagy cheese room compared to cutting at store level which in turns reduces shrink for the retailer. We also offer our co-pack services to other creameries, which will allow our partners to get to exact weight or random weight depending on their needs. We can cut up to 400 lb. blocks or 12 lb. wheels. Let us show you the Heagy difference.

On-Site packaging departments each operate in sanitary environmentally controlled rooms regularly inspected by both The U.S. Department of Agriculture as well as Regional/Local Regulating Authorities.
The Cut and Wrap Program was developed in 1980’s
An extensive line of Imported and Domestic Cheese.
Special Orders on a One-Time Request as well as specific on-going projects and/or customized programs are offered and maintained per customer requirements. Please contact RM Heagy at 717.569.1032 for more information.
Can be customized per order and inventory can minimized by our custom label printer.
Items are available pre-priced at a variety of standard margins or customized to meet retailer’s margin objectives.
RM Heagy can source the bulk product directly and therefore has absolute control over all inventory requirements and performs at 97-99 % fill rate. Or we can take your inventory and convert it and hold it for you as well.


The development of RM Heagy Foods cheese products have been over 60 years in the making. In this time, RM Heagy Foods has developed a process of aging hard cheeses in one of our 5 aging rooms that has given us the local superior quality that people love from our native Lancaster County. We have four aging rooms at 35 degrees and we have a new state of the art 55 degrees’ room that will allow us to age and control humidity.


We have the capability of cold smoking cheeses using fruit and hard wood from Lancaster County, PA. This is done through a proprietary process and can be done with multiple cheeses. Contact your Heagy Foods Sales Person at 717.569.1032.

Level 2 SQF Certified


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