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Founders Selections

From the start, Richard’s hard-work and dedication to high quality ingredients and his ability to perfecting the formulas, are at the foundation at what we do today including the same formulas and attention to detail and aging. Founders selections are items that Richard himself touched and perfected. These items are uphold our highest quality standards are aged to perfection. Our cheddars have a signature taste you will be sure to be delighted with.


Our reserve items are unique and are formulated for perfection. These items are especially made to our highest quality product standards. The flavored cheddars are formulated to intrigue the senses and create unique accompaniments to any charcuterie board or for any special occasion. Our Reserve items have a signature taste you will be sure to be delighted with.



These products have the strict quality standards, and taste requirements that is a signature to Heagy’s brands. It is a consistent dependable flavor profile and texture that is sure to please everyone’s palates.



We take great pride in smoking our products to perfection with a cold smoking technique that has been perfected by our in-house Chef.


Richard M. Heagy Foods, Inc.

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