The Difference

Retailers and Wholesalers have many choices in the brands they carry for their deli shelves, but time and time again they continue to choose Heagy Foods. Heagy Foods is a top choice for many great reasons!

Superior Service

Heagy Foods is renowned for its service level to retailers and wholesalers. On-time deliveries, complete and accurate orders, and a highly personalized staff help customers to achieve their goals to keep their customers coming back.

The personal touch is a feature of the Heagy Foods service philosophy. Every customer is important, and care is taken with every order to make it a completely satisfying experience.

Unsurpassed Quality

Through their own retail delis Heagy Foods can monitor the quality and flavor level of the meat and cheese products they offer. They aren't just moving products, but they actually see them out of the wrappers. Feedback is obtained through this direct communication with retail customers. Heagy started out in the delis and continues to serve its customers in this way.

Heagy’s Own Brands

Guernsey’s Gift, Heagy Foods’ own brand is a favorite for customers and consumers. Because buyers know they can depend on Heagy Foods in so many ways, the brands produced by Heagy are valued more. Strict quality standards and taste requirements give Heagy’s Guernsey’s Gift brand a consistent, dependable flavor profile and texture composition.

Breadth and Depth of Product Lines

A complete line of deli meats and cheeses, as well as dairy and frozen food products, is available to retailers and distributors who want to meet the needs of their customers. Along with Heagy Foods’ own brand, Guernsey’s Gift, national and regional brands round out the Lancaster County offerings to give customers a full range of choices.

Lancaster County Market Freshness

Heagy Foods has a proud history of offering perfectly aged cheese. Richard M. Heagy found a method to age cheddar cheese in a way that gave it the perfect level of flavor and texture. He also paid special attention to developing a Swiss cheese recipe that was creamier and more delicious than most.

Lancaster County natives took notice of these cheeses and as a result the business grew. Demand still continues for Heagy Foods’ cheese produced with the goodness of the region.

National Brands

With the increased consumer interest in deli meats and cheeses, Heagy’s customers want to offer well-known brands along with the local favorites. Included in Heagy’s offerings are national brands that every retailer and wholesaler can feel comfortable including in his order; knowing that the customer and the consumer will be happy with the selections.


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