Heagy Foods Sign

Richard M. Heagy Foods: A Lancaster
County Deli Meat & Cheese Tradition

In 1953, Richard M. Heagy purchased a small deli stand at a Farmer’s Market in Philadelphia. It was here where he started his own business. With a seventeen foot long market stand, he focused on quality to develop a faithful customer base. His residence was in East Petersburg, PA at the time, and the shop for “Richard M. Heagy’s Quality Smoked Meats and Cheese”was located in his home.

While his company grew mostly through word of mouth, Richard was able to acquire more deli stands in the few years that followed. The company outgrew his shop’s original home location and moved to a small commercial building in East Petersburg where he stored his market supplies.

By the 1960s, Richard opened market stands closer to his home in Lancaster County. These markets included stands at the Fairground Farmers Market in Reading, PA; The Green Dragon Farmer’s Market in Ephrata, PA; Root’s Country Market in Manheim, PA and Renninger's Farmer's Market in Kutztown, PA. Heagy's still operates these market delis today along with stands at the Hometown Farmer's Market in Tamaqua, PA  and at Saturday's Market in Middletown, PA

With his original emphasis on quality and freshness, Richard always made sure to never sell a product he wouldn’t eat himself. He searched for quality cheese manufacturers and learned how to age cheese to the perfect level of flavor. Because of his ability to do this, area businesses began to request wholesale orders from him.

As a result of Richard’s quality products, a faithful following, and a strong community interest in the Richard M. Heagy, Inc. products, wholesale orders multiplied. While volume for perfectly aged cheese increased, the products’ quality never faltered. Richard tasted every cheese he supplied to his customers and made sure it met the standards he had built his business on.

With increased demand came the need for a larger facility and in 1980 the company expanded to a larger commercial building in East Petersburg, PA. It was at this time Richard expanded his product offerings and began to carry products such as turkeys, hams, bologna, and more.

Currently, his two sons Darien and Barry are partners in the business, both actively involved on a day-to-day basis. They have worked hard to build the business, but will readily admit that the company is only successful because of the excellent people working with them.

In 2010, Richard M. Heagy, Inc. became Richard M. Heagy Foods, Inc. Heagy Foods continues to distribute cheese, deli meats, and frozen foods to many independent grocery stores, corporate chains, and numerous other retailers and wholesalers.  Their products can also be found at six different farmer’s markets in Lancaster, Berks, and Lehigh counties, Pennsylvania.